1980 Honda CB750K
1980 Honda CB750K Restoration



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This bike has been in "storage" since 1990. The first 8 or 9 years was in a barn waiting for the friend of the previous owner (John) to fix it up. Unfortunately the friend had a Harley or three & they took prority.  One day the friend phoned John to come & collect the bike & of course John was excited at the prospect of getting it back after all this time ... but then he found out that the friend hadn't worked on it, he just needed the space for his own bikes. Sooooo the last 6 or 7 years was spent (almost) covered with a tarp ... hence the peeling chrome, rusty fenders (mudguards), split seat, etc.

Actually, it is in very good condition considering it has been sitting around for so long. The biggest problem right now is finding out why it stopped running. John told me the last time he started it, it made "clicking" sounds, then a "clunk" ... and then stopped & has been unable to get started since.  First thing I have to do though is build an extension onto the shed so I can work on it (no garage).