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The objective of this web site is to provide a central resource for people with the LAMPORT surname & its variants around the globe.

Variants of the LAMPORT surname listed in English census & other genealogy records are LAMPER, LAMPERT & LAMPARD.
The oldest record found thus far is of one Henry LAMPARD - born circa 1680 - died 1751 in Steyning, Sussex, England.
It is my hope that other Genealogists will find, & will share their knowledge of, connections to the variant families.

A huge thank you goes to Alison Causton from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, for sharing her years of research.
Her generous contribution extended my family line by FIVE generations & added much detail to others.
Her personal web site is http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/acauston/

Newhaven High Street circa 1870
Newhaven High Street c1870



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